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Posted by Brien Allete on Tuesday, 25 February, 2020 06:47:27

More than 300 research studies have been conducted using Scientific Learning software that demonstrate the effectiveness and highlight the success of the Fast ForWord suite of products. In fact, Fast ForWord is one of the only reading interventions with neuroscience research that has been and continues to be published in peer-reviewed journals.

Open a web browser and point to the MySciLEARN Staff Login page: www.myscilearn.com; Enter your login email and password on the Staff Login page and then click Log In. MySciLEARN checks your login and when validated, opens and displays the Home page. Click another tab as needed to access those pages: Manage, Results, Resources.

For security purposes, Scientific Learning has no knowledge of your passwords. Thank you in advance for understanding.


About Scientific Learning. Provides the Scientific Learning mission and a link to the corporate site. Quick Links. This section in the lower right corner includes the following quick links: Student Login. Opens the Student Login page; Support. Opens the Scientific Learning Customer Support site. SciLearn.com. Opens the Scientific Learning

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